A snoball is a New Orleans confection made with finely shaved ice and flavored cane sugar syrup. They are a perfect, inexpensive treat for the entire family. While they are very similar to water ice, snoballs are unique, in that you can order multiple flavors that will not mix until the sno starts to melt. 

 At Cajun-Sno we are always on the go and are excited to drive our bright yellow truck up to any occasion. We can come to your location, set up, and sell some of our Authentic New Orleans Style Snoballs for any type of function or event. 

The cajun snoball trucks are always on the go, follow us on Facebook or text us for our location that day. We have a brick-and-mortar store, Sweet Lucy's, where we sell snoballs year-round.

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Find us at our home base, Sweet Lucy's
3201 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE


The truck is open from mid-March
until Halloween